Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Throwdown (Apps A-Z: NoteLedge)

The countdown is on, 5 days until I officially must return to work! Today, is the first day we can go work in our classroom...YAY! You know where I'll be in a couple of hours. You can follow me on Instagram @rolandteach to see pictures of my classroom as I work to get it ready. 

Today, I am linking up with "I'm Lovin Lit" for her monthly Throw Down Thursday Linky. It's all about ways to make learning interactive. I'm going to share how I made this biography poster iPad friendly. 

Have you used this poster? You can order the poster size from scholastic or download it here, and enlarge it for your students. Last year, I wanted my students to complete this poster, but I knew they wouldn't want to do it unless it was on the iPad. So, I created this poster...

I assigned an app to each section, except the read all includes a website. Students were assigned a famous historical figure. They had to research the person and complete each section above. Here are the apps that I had them use and the link to them in my A-Z app series: 

Pic Collage: Students used this to create a collage of pictures of their person. They had to include the person birth and death date along with why the person was famous. I have not written up this app in my App A-Z series yet, but you can download it here.

iMovie: Students used this app to create a movie about the person's life. They could create a project or a movie trailer. 

Morfo: Using a photo of the person students recorded a quote they were famous for saying. 

NoteLedge: This app allows students to add an audio recording (I talk more about this app below), to tell a life lesson they learned from their famous person. 

Kids Doodle: Students created a movie of 5 words that describe the person. 

RedLaser: Students created a QR code that list all of the resources they used. 

In the Final Fact section I allowed students to present it however the wished. I'm always amazed at the new things I learn when their free to choose. 

Newspaper Generator is not an app. It is a website that allows you to create your own newspaper article. Students used it to write a newspaper article about their person. 

After all projects were complete, students saved them to their camera roll, and placed them in an app called NoteLedge. It is a note taking/ presentation app. I like this app because several projects can be inserted onto one page. Once students had all of their project inserted into NoteLedge they were ready for sharing. In NoteLedge there is a presentation mode. This was used as students shared each part of their project with the class.  

I was very pleased with how well the students' projects turned out. If you are interested in the worksheet with the apps on it just let me know, and I will email you a copy. I'm looking forward to making more of my worksheets iPad interactive. How are you making learning more interactive for your students? Visit "I'm Lovin Lit" to link up or find other ideas. Have a great school year. I'm headed to school to work in my room:)!