Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Snapshots: Celebrate Everyday

Did you know everyday is a holiday? Yes, it's true.  I use the website punchbowl to determine the daily holiday. Punchbowl provides a holiday along with a brief description of the holiday. I write the holidays for the week on the board and every now and then we celebrate one. Students also have the option of celebrating the holiday in their own way and writing about it, on Edmodo, for extra credit. Some students are really getting into it. I'm linking up a few of our holiday snapshots with Miss Nelson's Saturday Snapshots take a look. 

As a class we recently celebrated National Puncation Day, September 24.


I found these homemade cookies on my door handle the morning of Homemade Cookie Day, October 1. They were yummy! 

Here are some pictures posted by my students for National Taco Day. 

Today is World Teacher Day. HAPPY WORLD TEACHER DAY to you all!

Next week's holidays include: 

October 6, 2013 is

Mad Hatter Day

October 7, 2013 is

National Frappe Day 

October 8, 2013 is

National Fluffernutter Day

October 9, 2013 is

Leif Erikson Day

October 10, 2013 is

National Cake Decorating Day

October 11, 2013 is

    National Sausage Pizza Day 

October 12, 2013 is

National Gumbo Day

Which holiday will you celebrate? I'm looking forward to fixing some Gumbo, in honor of National Gumbo Day, next Saturday.