Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Snapshots: Last Days of Summer 2013

It's Saturday! Time to link up with Miss Nelson for her Saturday Snapshots, but first let me tell you about my new addiction; Instagram. Yes, I've been bitten by the Instagram bug. I've tried to stay away all summer, but I just couldn't resist. I should have seen it coming.  I downloaded the app in May. In June I created an account. In July I added my first pictures, and the rest is history. I don't know why I waited so long. You can follow me @rolandteach or click the icon below. 

Follow me @rolandteach

Now for my snapshots, these snapshots represent my last days of summer 2013. 

We made a visit to the Crayola Store. He loved writing on this giant chalkboard with the giant chalk. 

Tip made an appearance. 

Lunchtime at Crayola Cafe

My nephew turned 11 on August 1st. We headed to the bowling alley for some birthday fun. These pictures were taking with my new photo app called Fast Camera. This app takes tons of photos a minute. Making it great for taking action shots on your phone. The app is regularly $1.99, but thanks to my best teaching buddy Sarah, over at iTeach with iPads, I was able to use Starbucks free download. You can stop by Starbucks and see if they still have this download available. I forget how often they change them. 

Sorry, back to my snapshots....always have throw in an app. It's what my blog is all about. 

At the bowling alley was this AWESOME Connect 4 game!

Look at this deal I found at an Office Depot store that is down sizing. I had to stock up. For my latest project.

No last week of summer vacation would be complete without a trip to school. We were finally able  to get into our classroom. Here is the project I need duct tape for (don't judge a book by its cover). I'll tell you all about when I'm done, or you can follow me on Instagram (@rolandteach) for a sneak peek. 

Do you think I have enough duct tape?

 Here's what my son and I are working on. Look for the reveal on Monday.

That's how I spent my last week of summer vacation 2013! What pictures have you snapped this week? Don't forget to link up or stop by and see what others are up to. Have a great weekend! 

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