Monday, July 17, 2017

 Elements of Fiction & Emojis 🤗 😁 🤓

It's been too long since I've sat down to blog. Sorry, but this thing called life just gets in the way sometimes. Today is "World Emoji Day" 🙂  and I've decided this would be a good day for me to get back to blogging. I would like to share how I used emoji's in my classroom to review the elements of here we go.  

One of the first review lessons I teach is over the elements of fiction (character, setting and plot). By the sixth grade most students are very familiar with this basic concepts. So, in effort to spice up the review I turned to emojis (🙂 😉 😌). Instead of having students read and complete some worksheet about the various elements of the story, I had them use emoji's to describe each element.  Take a look at some of the examples below.

Example I shared with students. 

Student Example 1 

Student Example 2

Student Example 3

Each student read the same story, but yet their emoji summary is a little different. We use Seesaw in my class, so each student had to record themselves explaining their emojis and how they relate to the story. I liked this activity because it led us into some interesting discussions about characters, setting and plot. Looking forward to using this lesson again in the upcoming school year. 

Happy World Emoji Day! 🙂