Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five For Friday, on Saturday, with Snapshots

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday, and Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera for Saturday Snapshots.  

1. Tuesday was our first day of school, and boy am I tired! The first week is always tiring. Despite my tiredness it was a good first week. Below are my snapshots from the week: 

Beginning of the year freshly waxed hallway floors 

Here I am on the morning of the first day. Yes, I get all excited about the first day. This year,  I think I had the worst First day jitters ever! I'm not sure why, but I'm glad that's over with. 

Here I am with my team on the first day of school. 

Those are all of my snapshots for this week. Everything else is a screenshot. 

2. Do you use Edmodo with your class? I use it quite often. I even set up a group just for students to chat, this way they aren't chatting on my class page. At the end of last year the student asked me to leave up the chat. I did, and they were able to keep in touch with their classmates over the summer. Since those students have moved on to the middle school, I thought I would delete the chat group. I posted this to the group: 

 These were just a few of the replies.  After reading the replies, I had a change of heart and posted this: 

I also received this email from one of the middle school teachers: "I noticed that some of my students had posted on a group, I was confused for a little bit, but then I noticed your name! It's totally cool, but I just thought it was funny! Thanks for setting us up so well to use Edmodo with them! They are so independent with the iPads, I love it!" I love hearing this type of feedback, and knowing they are doing well. 

3.  Oh My Goodness, how do you seasoned bloggers keep up with all the new blog post during the school year? 

4.  I like my new schedule, but after two cups of coffee, and sometimes a Coke I'm in need of a restroom break before noon. I teach an ELA class for 90 min., then two 45 min. Social Studies classes, followed by another 90 min. ELA class with a 30 min.  break for lunch after the first 45 min. After lunch I teach the last 45 min of ELA, then I have a personal plan and an administrative plan. Not a bad schedule. 

5. Here's a post I started on Thursday, but never got around to finishing it. I thought I'd just make it my number 5 today. 
No matter how great your classroom management is there's always that one student...well,  I just want you to remember that You Can Handle Them All! Even when that student has you feeling like you can't. Believe it or not  there's an app for that! It is called, You Can Handle Them All! This is a great app with ideas for managing over 100 inappropriate behaviors. I received this app last year, downloaded it and never thought about it again until I was struggling with that (those, there were 2 of them) student. Having tried all I could, I remembered this app. I looked at it and wondered, why I hadn't opened it sooner. As I begin this year I've told myself, "You Can Handle Them All!" and now I'm telling you! Have a great school year and don't forget (to download) You Can Handle them All!