Friday, August 2, 2013

Currently August

It is currently August! And, I'm feeling the stress that comes with it.   This is the last weekend of my summer vacation:( and I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the monthly edition of Currently. This is the most popular linky I've taken part this summer. It is definitely one that I will continue to participate in during the school year. 

1. It's currently raining outside, and what a wonderful sound. Very relaxing moment as my son naps. 

2. I went to work in my classroom yesterday, and guess what?  I have new carpet!  A very unexpected surprise. My room flooded this summer, so they had to redo the carpet. I like it a lot better than the old carpet. 

3.  I still have several personal things to do before Tuesday (official report to workday). Will they all get done? I hope so, but probably not. 

4. I only have one bookshelf in my classroom:( and lots of books:) Last year,  I thought I worked around this, but it really bothered me the way my classroom library was set up. I spent yesterday redoing my classroom library and realized, I need another bookshelf! I'm on the hunt for a CHEAP bookshelf.

5. Staying up late and sleeping in has been my routine all summer long. I need to get back to my regular routine. Week one is going to be tough. 

6. I love all the teacher toolboxes I've been seeing. I'm currently working on completing mine in time for Monday Made It. 

Just found out there's a currently for the classroom; I must get it. 

Tax free weekend starts today, and I'm in need of some new school work clothes. Back to school work shopping time:) 

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