Saturday, August 31, 2013

Five for Friday with Saturday Snapshots: SLANT Box Reveal Edition

I let Friday get away from me without linking up with Five for Friday, so I'm combining it with Saturday Snapshots for my SLANT Box Reveal. 3 linkys, 1 that even allowed? 

This month I participated in a SLANT box exchange organized by Lessons with Coffee. If you haven't heard about it head over and read all about it. On Tuesday,  I received my SLANT box in the mail. My SLANT box sender was Nick from Sweet Rhyme & Pure Reason. I must say it arrived at just the right time!  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed about our upcoming back to school night, but after arriving home and seeing my SLANT box my mood changed. Take a look at what I received. Thanks Nick! 

1. A handmade humbug was perfect; considering I was in a bah-humbug kind of mood. 

2. The Dr. Seuss bag and package of bookmarks, AWESOME! I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan. 

3. Not sure how he knew, but felt tip pens are one of my favorites. I've never had the colored ones, the school only provides black and red, so I'm really excited about these colors. I've always wanted to try a Scentos Marker, so this is perfect. 

4. Sticky notes are perfect for writing my todo list on. Look closely; do you see the cell phone sticky notes? They are my favorite! I already know, I will be sad when they are all gone

5. Two hard to find items  in my classroom are: a calculator and a ruler. Just the other day I had a student ask for a ruler and I couldn't provide one, but thanks to Nick I can now. 

Lots of great stuff! Thanks again Nick. 

And there you have it Five for Friday, with Saturday Snapshots, and my SLANT Box reveal. 

*App Spotlight: Starting today, I am going to make sure I spotlight an app with every post. Today's app is Pic Collage. The two collages in this post were created using this app. I especially like the search feature of this app. I can search for photos from the Internet, and insert them directly into my collage as a photo or background. You should checkout this free app. 

Enjoy the rest of your extended weekend.