Friday, July 26, 2013

Apps A-Z: Puppet Pals & Puppet Pals 2

I can't believe it's Friday already! Only one more Friday left of summer:(and I'm sure I will be spending it in my classroom:) I'm so excited to get into my room, so I can get my creative juices flowing. Right now I have about a million ideas, and I am having a hard time deciding on this and that. Hopefully that will all change once I step into my classroom.

Until then I'm going to try to wrap up my Apps A-Z series; something I wanted to complete before the summer was over. Today's app is Puppet Pals. Puppet Pals is a free app I like to use when teaching plot, retelling or summarizing. 

Below is a student's retell of the Paper Bag Princess. 

Have you used Puppet Pals in your classroom? I would love to hear your ideas for using this app, or perhaps you've used Puppet Pals 2. 

Puppet Pals 2 was released last year. I  personally have not used this app with my students, but I've observed them using it, and I have played with it myself. It is a lot of fun! I like that the characters in Puppet Pals 2 have move-able legs and arms. Both apps have in app purchases of characters and settings. Purchasing a feature in one app automatically transfers it to the other app, if available. These are definitely two apps worth checking out!