Sunday, June 2, 2013

Apps A-Z: Edmodo


One of the most used apps (also web based) in my classroom this year was Edmodo. Edmodo is social learning for schools. It allows teachers and students to safely interact online with teacher controlled social learning. Students refer to it as,"Facebook for schools." Here is a video students created about Edmodo:

On Edmodo teachers can...

1. post assignments. I liked having student turn in assignments on Edmodo. Students are able to upload documents, pictures and video. It was a quick way to see who had and had not turned in an assignments. Once graded students can view their grade. 

2. assign quizzes. Quizzes are easy to create on Edmodo. It will even grade your multiple choice and true false quizzes.

3. award students for academic achievement. Creating badges and awarding students is not one of the features I've used, but I know other teachers have and students like receiving badges.

4. post questions for discussion. Edmodo is great for discussions! Teachers or students can post questions and others can respond. 

5. invite parents to join. Parents can join your Edmodo class. This is nice because it allows parents to monitor students activity, check grades, and receive notices. 

6. send out reminder notes. A helpful tool for students and parents.

7. chat with students. One of the groups I set up is strictly for chatting. The kids love this, and it keeps them from making comments within our class group that are not related to the subject.  In fact the last day of school one of my students posted, "Ms. Roland please don't delete this." I will leave it up at least through summer.

8. differentiate instruction. Teachers can create groups within groups. Great for guided reading!

...And so much more. To get started, create an Edmodo account. Then Download this handy reference on "How to Edmodo," and begin using Edmodo today.