Sunday, June 9, 2013

My 3 Favorite Apps

Eberopolis, Teaching Reading & Writing With Technology is one of the newest blogs I'm following, and she just linked up with Thirsty Firsties for a linky party about ipad apps, and I'm going to follow. With this linky party you are asked to share 3 apps: your favorite FREE app that you use in the classroom; your favorite PAID app that you use in the classroom, and your favorite app for personal use. 

My favorite FREE app is Pic Collage. 

Pic Collage is a very simple app for students to use. It allows them to take a variety of pictures from their camera roll, or the internet and mesh them together. Words and symbols may be used as well. I've used this app in the classroom for vocabulary, and characterization. I've seen science teachers use it to teach or have students demonstrate life cycles. Pic Collage is an app that I also use a lot outside of the classroom.  Below is a picture of my son problem solving:)  After putting together this collage, I realized that it would be a good app for working on sequencing, especially in the younger grades.  

My favorite PAID app is Strip Design. 

For $2.99, Strip Design is an app that students use to create comic strips. Again, this is an app  I have students use for vocabulary, retelling, and so much more. The creativity that my students demonstrate when using this app amazes me. The comic strip below was created using strip design. Students were asked take a non-living object found in class and personify it. 

For PERSONAL use I like Apps Fire

Apps Fire is a free app that I use, a lot! It informs me of apps that may be free that day, or apps that are being offered at a discounted price for the day. I have gotten several paid apps for free using this app. I've also discovered new apps just from browsing.  I usually check for deals twice a day, as they are continuously updating. 

What are some of your favorite apps? I would like to hear about them. I'm always in need of a good app.  Don't forget link up with Thirsty Firsties.

Thirsty Firsties.