Thursday, May 30, 2013

Apps A-Z: Doodle Buddy & Doodlecast Pro

Doodle Buddy and Doodlecast Pro two apps that I would never have thought to use in my class; if it had not been for the creativity of my students. 

Doodle Buddy 
My students really enjoyed being able to use Doodle Buddy to paint, draw, scribble and sketch. I just saw it as a white board with annoying sounds. Yes, sounds. There are funny sounds paired with the stamps in the app. I found them to be rather annoying or students were annoying me with them. Needless to say I stopped using the app. It wasn't until students were giving an assignment in which they had to illustrate their own pictures, and not just google images (which they love to do) that I saw how beneficial this app was. Students still googled images but placed that image in Doodle Buddy, traced it, then removed the image. After removing the original image they then colored in the traced image and saved it to their camera roll for use in another app. Some students still preferred to free hand. Below are some student drawings using Doodle Buddy

Free hand Drawing
Traced image 
Free hand drawing; with stamped flames from app

We will definitely google images less and illustrate more. 

Doodlecast Pro
Doodlecast Pro is also a whiteboard app (so I thought), but instead of just drawing it takes it a step further and allows you to explain what you’re doing at the same time. It records everything that you draw and say. Great for math class, right? My thoughts exactly. So, again it wasn't until students were given the freedom to select the app of their choice for retelling a story. That I saw how this app would be beneficial in the classroom. There are lots of uses for this app in any classroom across a variety of content areas. This makes a great app for flipping the classroom! Which I plan to try during the 2013-2014 school year. Below are some videos created using Doodlecast Pro: