Sunday, June 2, 2013

Currently June

This time last year I was just getting into blogging, and was able to get a few post in before the school year started. Then I got busy with school and couldn't find the time to blog much. Now that summer is here, I have the time to get back into blogging. In doing so, I keep seeing linky parties, and have decided to take some time to link up. 

You link up at the beginning of the month with what's "Currently" happening in your life. I like this! It just may keep me blogging (once a month anyway).

Here is my June Currently:
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Listening: It's a cool Sunday afternoon, and many kids are out at the park across the street. Sounds of summer oh so sweet! 

Loving: Since I am not a morning person (more of a night owl), I am loving staying up late and sleeping in. Night time is the best time to be on my computer; no interruptions. 

Thinking: June is my birthday month, and  the theme this year is "Another Year of Fabulous!" Now that the theme is set I just need to plan the rest. I really enjoy planning parties. Maybe I'll host a linky party before summer is over. 

Wanting: Having a 20 month old running around things get pretty messy, and a housekeeper would be nice. Not going to happen, so I'll just keep wanting. 

Needing: Every summer I have a summer cleaning list, and every summer I wait until right before it's time to return to work to complete it. This summer I plan to be done early. If that's going to happen I need to start soon. 

Vacay Essentials: I enjoy vacationing in the summer. Flip flops and sunglasses a must. Along with that is a camera. I've pretty much put away the traditional camera for my iPhone camera. Plus there are some pretty cool picture apps I like to use:  Memory Jar, Collect, A+ Signature, and Pic Collage. I have yet to catch the Instagram bug. 

Have a FABULOUS June!