Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Roland with iPads

Hello and Happy 4th of July! A few months ago a friend and colleague of mine mentioned that we should start a Blog on teaching with iPads, and I turned her down. I was not very familiar with blogging, nor was I confident with teaching with iPads. Yes, I spent the last school year teaching with them, but I had also spent a lot of time not teaching with them. 

Last year, my team piloted an iPad program in our district. We began using the iPads a couple of weeks after school started, and shortly after that my son was born; 12 weeks early. So, I spent a lot of time off work, and was not ready to commit to the task of Blogging about iPads when approached by my friend.  Instead, I started a personal Blog, and have really enjoyed it! I am now ready to try a professional Blog.  So, here I am "Roland with iPads," my professional Blog! 

The 2012-2013 school year has me pretty anxious! Our district is opening a Sixth Grade Academy, that will have a one to one iPad initiative. So, instead of spending the remainder of the summer worried about what next year has to bring I've decided to create this Blog. I hope to use it as a way to organize, and share my ideas, lessons, and experiences as they relate to using iPads in the classroom. Hopefully, I will also gain some useful tips and tricks from those using iPads in their own classrooms.