Thursday, July 5, 2012

Behavior Management

ClassDojo is an awesome way to manage student behavior! My nephew who completed 3rd grade this year introduced me to this website.

ClassDojo allows you to create classes, and award or deduct points for various behaviors. You have the option of customizing these behaviors. You can even use your iPad as a remote, so you could continue adding points as you walk around the room. There is also the option of emailing a student's progress. Besides rewarding behavior points, you also have the option of taking attendance. Which is awesome!  Especially when the homeroom teacher is the only one required to take attendance.

What did I use last year?  Last year, I used an app called Great Job! It too allowed you to create a class list, and award and deduct points. With ClassDojo you are able to create multiple classes. Which is important to me this year, since I will be teaching in more of a middle school setting. This year I will be using ClassDojo.

Ways I'm thinking about using ClassDojo: In addition to creating classes of  individual students; I could create classes with group numbers and award points that way. Class attendance  is another way I'm thinking about using ClassDojo. I would have all of the kids names on the board and have them click on their name showing that they are present.

Click on any of the ClassDojo links and see for yourself how cool this website is is!