Thursday, July 12, 2012

7 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me

Writing has typically been a challenge for many of the students I've worked with. My goal for this upcoming school year is to get students writing more and enjoying it. One of the ways I plan to do this is by having them write about things that truly interest them.

One topic that I recently came across was "7 Things You Don't Want to Know About Me." I saw this topic as I was completing challenge 2 of Edublogs "30 Days to Kick Start Your Blogging" I think this would be a fun way to begin the year. The word "Don't" in the topic will get students thinking about what makes them unique. Here is my list:

7 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me!
1.  I’m a Coke drinker. I used to be a Pepsi drinker, but then I began teaching! Most schools I subbed in during college only had Coke products in their vending machines. Then the first district I worked in had Coke vending machines as well. Even my current district had Coke products when I first started 10 years ago. They have since switched over to Pepsi, but I’m hooked on Coke!

2.  I love ice cream! I don’t have a favorite flavor. Did you know July was National Ice Cream Month?

3.  I enjoy playing word games. My favorites are Words With Friends and Wordfeud. I will have 20+ games going at one time. 

4.  I am not a morning person! Being a work by 7:30am is a struggle for me. That’s why I drink coffee during the school year! 

5.  I’m terribly afraid of dogs. Why? I have no idea. I’ve never been bitten by one they just frighten me.

6.  Summer is my favorite time of year. I enjoy the hot temperatures of summer. I also enjoy swimming, and best of all I get to celebrate another year of life on June 23. What is your favorite season?

7.  I DO NOT like to cook! My least favorite thing to do is COOK. I would much rather eat out. Unhealthy I know.

**Since I teach sixth grade I would only have them write 6 statements instead of  7.
**I would also use this as a time to review sentence structure, and sentence fluency.

Incorporating iPads

I would have students publish their list to Edmodo; if you aren't familiar with Edmodo take a look at this post on iTeach with iPads. As students begin posting their list on Edmodo I would encourage them, and give them time to read and respond to each other. This could also serve as an introduction to blogging. I like to think of Edmodo as a mini blog.