Friday, September 5, 2014

Five For Friday

I'm finally linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday! It's been awhile...I always have good intentions of linking up, but finding the time is always a struggle! Here I am with a quick Five for Friday to start my day:

Don't you just love short weeks? Mine was even shorter considering I had a sub on Wednesday! It's so hard to have a sub when you're still trying to establish routines, but we made it through.   

All students now have iPads, YAY! It's been a slow start, but finally all students have been issued an iPad. This year each student has their own Apple ID, and it has taken some time to get some of them set up. From what I can tell, so far, I like the idea of students having their own Apple ID. The initial setup was long, but I think in the long run it will be with it. We'll just have to wait and see. 

We finally began unit one of our new reading series, Reading Wonders. It's taken awhile to figure it all out, especially the technology piece, but we are slowly getting into a routine. WOO HOO!!!

We "flipped" our back to school night! I know you've heard all about the flipped classroom? Well we've been moving towards flipping lessons for sometime now. It began last year with flipped faculty meetings, the convocation speaker this year spoke about one take videos in our classroom; which was awesome! So, we decide as a staff to give parents a taste of what their students will experience, and flipped our back to school night. Each team created two posters to hang in the hallway. Each poster contained: QR codes for parents to scan, and view videos that introduced the team teachers, an ELA, social studies, math, and science video that went over course expectations.  All of our specials teachers created videos and had posters hanging in the hallway as well. Each club sponsor created a video and that was available to parents also. Having the videos allowed more time for us (teachers) to visit with parents and answer specific questions, and if a parent couldn't make it to back to school night all of the videos are accessible on YouTube. Here is what our team's poster looked like. Overall, I think the night went well. Many parents had even watched the videos prior to attending back to school night. 

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!? I am! Today is RED Friday in Kansas City. The town will be painted with KC Chiefs RED as we prepare for the home opener this weekend! We're having a RED Friday celebration at work as well, tailgate in the lounge! Football and lesson plan Sundays here we come! 

Even the statues are ready for football season! Have an awesome RED Friday!