Monday, September 8, 2014

September Currently

I'm finally getting around to completing my currently for the month, and linking up with Farley

Listening- Everyone is asleep, and I should be too, so it is silent. With the exception of the hum of the refrigerator, but I can tune that out. 

Loving- What a great group of students I have this year (knocks on wood)! They have been AMAZING! They follow directions, and they want to learn. It's going to be a great year! 
Thinking- Yes, it is 3am on a school night, and I cannot sleep...I hate when this happens! It's going to be a long day, and at some point during the week I'm going to have to catch up on sleep. When will that happen? It probably won't! 

Wanting- You all know the feeling of back to school (new reading series) stress, right? I'm wanting a massage to help alleviate the aches and pains that come with it. 

Needing- I know I need sleep, but for some reason my body doesn't think so. 

3 Trips- I've been wanting to visit Africa for ever! It's on my bucket list, but I don't  have any plans to visit before I retire, which is at least 15 years away:) My dream wedding will take place in Kauai, Hawaii sometime in the future...I hope. My number 3 travel destination was a toss up between France & Italy. If I have to choose I would pick Italy. There is so much history there that I would like to see. 

 Enjoy the rest of September!