Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Let me first say this is not one of my normal post, nor is it school related...hey it's summer and I'm trying to get my blogging groove back, so I'm linking up with Jessica at Ideas by Jivey for "What I'm Wearing Wednesday."

Let me begin by saying I'm a jeans/shorts, t-shirt, flip flops kinda girl. This summer I decided I needed something more than the Old Navy flip flops...Yes, I have tons of the Old Navy flip flops; don't judge! So, with birthday money in hand, I went out to find a pair of decent black flip flops. Who knew I would end up with two pair neither of which are black, and I love both pair. Take a look...

I spotted these cute silver sandals at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse), and immediately fell in love with them, and even though it was not the black sandal I was looking for, I wanted them. The $19.99 price tag wasn't bad either, especially since I had a $5 off birthday coupon...not to mention silver is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. 

Silver won't work for every outfit, so I had to get the gold ones too...

These are my go to sandals for this summer, and you will catch me on any given Wednesday with one or the other on. What are your go to summer shoes?