Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Currently {the Middle of} July

It is currently the middle of July, and I'm joining the currently linky party over at, Oh Boy Fourth Grade. I know I'm late for the party, but better late than never. Without further ado here's my July currently...

Listening: The nightly news is on and they're talking about the weather across the United States. It seems many of you are probably experiencing thunderstorms. We are experiencing fall like temps here in Kansas City. As I write this the current tempeture is 70 degrees. I'm loving our current weather, and it's predicted to last the reminder of the week before tempeture begin to warm up. 

Loving: I am having a wonderful summer! I have a two year old and we are having a blast! I'm going to be so disappointed when I return to work, in three weeks. 

Thinking: THREE WEEKS of summer is all I have left. Summer has gone by so fast! I haven't accomplished much of my summer cleaning, or any of the school projects I had in mind. 

Wanting: Summer needs to slow down, way down! Ha! What are the chances of that happening? I guess I need to speed up. 

Needing: As I mentioned earlier I haven't accomplished much of anything I wanted to, and that's because I just haven't been very motivated. I am in dire need of some motivation, or back to school is not going to go well. Any suggestions???

4th Plans: Since the 4th has come and gone, I'll just tell you how I spent it. I attended a family picnic in the park, and was able to catch up with some of my cousins. Fun times! Later, we went to the lake and watched a beautiful fireworks display. 

There you have it, my extremely late July currently. I sure hope there's someone out there still interested in reading a July Currently! I'll do better next month.