Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

Happy Saturday Everyone! Today, I'm linking up with Miss Nelson for Saturday Snapshots. I missed last week:( I was so busy, but I have lots of pictures to share this week, so let's get started. 

This picture is from last week. Each teacher runs a club that will meet 5 times throughout the year during seminar, my club is the Duct Tape Club. At our first meeting we made neckties and wallets. It was so fun! 

Pictures from this week:

National Talk Like a Pirate Day was this week. I stopped by Krispy Kreme to get a pirate doughnut and ran into Blackbeard. 

He gave me a quick lesson in talking like a pirate, and recorded a message for my students, which they loved.  

Map Skills

We've finally started map skills in Social Studies. Day one began with mapping the world on an orange, with a partner. Students did a nice job with this, I'll admit I was a little nervous about this activity, but it turned out great. Day two they worked independently to map the world on paper, this time they had to add the oceans.  

Next up are pictures from our first Student Council Spirt Day of the year.

Mustache Day

Here is our principal (first picture) and other teachers sporting mustaches for the day. 

That's me in the corner! The other photos represent student mustache swag. 

More student mustache swag. 

Here is my BTF (best teacher friend) and her son. 

This future Fashion Designer was all mustached out; headband, scarf, shirt, suspenders, rings, pen and my favorite hand sanitizer. 

It was such a fun theme. The best part was everyone could participate. For my students that didn't have any mustache paraphernalia, I was able to print some mustaches for them. They enjoyed the day just as well.  

Pizza Party

My homeroom class won a pizza party, from our Papa John's fundraiser, so we enjoyed pizza on Friday as well as mustache day. 


Our team earned enough Bus Bucks for a reward. Recess was the chosen reward. The kids were super excited! They don't normally get recess, so this was a real treat. Mustaches, pizza and recess what else could we throw in on this fun filled Friday?  


Yes, in all of the fun there was a fire drill.  I was on my plan, and decide to get a few pictures for the yearbook. 

Man what a week?! Or should I say Friday! Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to stop by Run Miss Nelson's got the Camera, for more Saturday Snapshots.