Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

 Not sure what's going on with the technology, but here's a post from Saturday, that's dated Tuesday, Sept. 3. 

Last weekend I came across CF Classroom's Photo-a-Day-Prompt, and thought I would share my photos on Miss Nelson's Saturday Snapshot Linky. 

Day 1 September: This is the last month on the calendar hanging in my desk area at school. My little man will be two this month! Amazing how much he's changed in a year. 

Day 2 Labor Day: We made a new friend at Build-a-Bear. We had to say goodbye to an old friend, Sulley. He has been recalled:( 

Day 3: Back to school: After a three day weekend it was time to return to work. Here is my morning Smartboard message. Students arrive at various times between 7:40-8:00; school officially begins at 8:05. 

Day 4 Alarm clock: I have morning and nighttime alarms. Often times when putting my son to sleep I fall asleep, so I have an alarm to wake me. I try to do grading and what not between 10:00-midnight. 

Day 5 Paper: This is a collection of papers, magazines and other mail I need to sort through. 

Day 6 School Bus: We have a couple of bus drivers that come over and help during lunch, so I was able to snap this photo.  Normally, I don't  get to see the busses. 

Day 7 Saturday Afternoon: I spent Saturday afternoon shopping for party supplies. This is the perfect theme. I found it this summer at Hobby Lobby. I picked up most  of the items over the summer, but thought I'd check and see if they had anything new. I was in luck, the high chair decorating kit was finally in stock!

Those are my photos from the week. You can checkout other Saturday snapshots at Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera! Have a great week.