Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Five For Friday

It's Friday!!! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five for Friday. 

1. Part of our yearly PD (professional development) involes observing another teacher and providing feedback. Today, I traveled over to the middle school to observe one of the 7th grade ELA teachers. It was AWESOME!!! I got to see several of my kiddos from last year. It was great to see them all doing so well. I also watched how literature circles are introduced in the middle school; which was very helpful since we will begin literature circles soon. 


I decided to stick this picture I  created with pic college here,  because in a about 2 weeks my little smurf will be 2! So, I've been spending some time planning a party. 

3.  As part of our social studies classese the counselor comes in once every three weeks and teaches a lesson. Can you say extra plan time? I was so excited when I realized she would be teaching 2 of my classes back to back. Ninety minutes of extra plan time, a nice little perk! 

4. A few Fridays ago,  I mentioned how students could only post things on Edmodo from their camera roll, but that is not true. I've since learned that students can up load assignments to their backpack then turn it in or post it as a PDF and not a jpeg. This is absolutely wonderful! If you're interested in step by step directions let me know in the comments section. 

5. I am currently using the app Post to write my post. My computer is in need of some maintaince, so I had to find an alternative. I remembered a post written by Brandee over at Creating lifelong Learners, so I went on a hunt for the post then eventually the app. I'm glad I did. I love this app! It is way more functional than the blogger app I had been using. If you like to post on the go I strongly recommend the Posts app. 

Well that's my Five for Friday! Be sure to

 Stop by and see what others are up too. 

Enjoy your weekend