Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five for Friday & December Currently

It seems as if the time in between my blog post is getting longer and longer. Thankfully there's Five for Friday and Currently that keep me blogging at least once a month. 

I'm going to begin with my five for Friday! 

1. COLD-I am not a fan of cold weather, and this week the temperature  has tumbled! As I write this it is currently 10 degrees-brrrr!  We even had a dusting of snow this week, and their predicting more (with accumulations) on Sunday! I need to move somewhere warm all year round. What's the temperture like where you are? 

2. Wreath-STUCO sponsored it's second annual class wreath decorating contest. This is a lot of fun! Each classroom is provided materials (of their choice) to decorate a wreath. The wreath is given to another school in our district. The theme of the wreath this year was College and Career ready! Unlike last year, my goal was to have everyone contribute to our wreath. I did find the perfect wreath to help with this on Pinterest. It was very simple too! Here are some pictures. 

I created the wreath. 

Students provided the cards. Only about half of my students have finished their cards. 

How does this support the college a nd career ready theme? Take a look inside a few of the cards. 

This wreath turned out really well. 

3. Mesopotamia- We have finished up our Mesopotamia unit, YEAH! Here are some of the Ziggurat projects students created. 

Next up is Ancient Egypt. Students are already asking to build pyramids. If you have any neat project or lesson ideas for ancient Egypt I would love to hear about them. 

4. Blogging- I haven't blogged much, but that is because I have over 50 student blogs I'm managing. It's a lot of work managing student blogs. If you ever have a minute or two stop by and visit my class blog. Please leave a comment. There is no better motivation for student writing than a comment from someone outside of our school. 

5. Currently- it is currently December, so that means it's time to link up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for her December currently. 

Sorry if my currently is difficult to read. 

I'm loving our new Elf! Here are some pictures: 

Many teachers are using the elf in their classroom, I'm not, are you? Follow me on Instagram @rolandteach to see our elf daily:) 

I guess, I should end this incredibly long post. Until next time...visit more five for Fridays and/or December Currentlys