Friday, August 24, 2012

Roland with iPads Week 1

Today ended our second week of school, and our first week with iPads. Despite the fact that there are still some things to work out the students learned a lot and were very excited!

During the first week students wrote bio-poems, they were anxious to type them up and create their QR codes. That was our first activity, and it was a success. Read my post titled "QR Bio Code".

Inspiration Maps was the next app we used, and I will say this is a must have for any language arts teacher. I had never used it before, but it was very easy to use. We created cluster maps about ourselves, and with a tap we could turn our cluster map into an outline.

PDF Expert was another app we learned to use this week. Our text book and workbooks are loaded into this app., so we will be using this app a lot! It seems easier to navigate through compared to some of the other PDF apps I've used. I also used it for grading. I liked the fact that you are able to create custom stamps, that serve the same purpose as stickers you are probably use to placing on students papers.

Finally, students learned to use their email. This is how most work gets turned in. So, it was very important that students understood how to send and receive emails.

It was a good first week with iPads! I even learned a few things from my students. Looking forward to next week.