Friday, July 31, 2015

Five For Friday: July 31, 2015

Time for another Five For Friday post with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Let the randomness begin...

One of my coworkers sent me this picture  today! WOW!!! A framed picture hanging on the wall at the board office honoring my district teacher of the year (secondary) accomplishment. I had no idea this picture was there. I'm really excited about the opportunities I'll have this school year with this accomplishment. 

The share a Coke Tour stopped in our city this week, and after searching for two summers, I finally have a coke can with my name (and my last name) on it!!! And it didn't cost me a dime. Thank you Coke!  I'm now a happy Coke drinker! 

I enrolled my 3 year old in preschool this week (tear)! He was born at 25 weeks and has come a long way; I can honestly say he is ready for preschool! Three years ago I could not even imagine being here, now he's getting ready to start his school journey, such a bittersweet milestone. 

Only one more Friday left of my summer vacation, so it's time to start thinking, seriously, about back to school. The first task is getting my house in order. For over a year, or more, I've been saying I want to do some MAJOR cleaning. Well I can say that I spent this week doing just that! I've gone through each room (except mine) and done a deep cleaning! I can now lounge around with less guilt about what I should be doing. The plan this weekend is to give my room a good much has got to go!!! 

Finally, I have thought about school a bit. Being in a one-to-one school I have to think about how I'm going to implement the iPad's from day one. We're going to start with using the video camera to create paperslide videos, but from there I've thought about the first app I want them using...a QR code reader is the best way to begin. There are a ton of QR code readers out there, but I like Redlaser. It's simple for students to use. They can scan and create QR codes using this app. I'll have a QR code for them to scan to watch a video all about me. I will them teach them how to create and save a video all about themselves and turn it into a QR code. The QR codes will be hung so students can scan and get to know their classmates. What apps or features do you teach your students to use the first few days of school? 

There you have it my randomness from the week. You can check out more Five for Friday post over at Doodle Bugs teaching. Have a great week!