Monday, May 12, 2014

Thinglink: Summer Bucket List

Thinglink is my new favorite app/website! Our students have had the app on their iPads for the last 4 months, the app allows you to add: links, text, videos and images to a photo making it interactive. You can also access it through the website, which has more features than the app. I didn't have my students use the app until a few weeks ago, and once I did I was disappointed we hadn't used it sooner.

With less than 10 days until the start of summer break, I needed a creative way to organize our "Summer Bucket List." You can explore it below. If you hover over the bulls-eye (I don't really care for them, but you can change them on the website; notice the heart in the right hand corner.)  on each letter you will see the activity related to that letter. The letter Y includes a link that you can click on. Once we have completed our activities pictures will be added to each letter as well. Can you tell I'm ready for SUMMER? I love my job, but a break is always nice.

If you visit the web site you can find several example of Thinglinks people have created: here is one called "App-tastic." that describes various apps and how they are used. If you've used Thinglink or have ideas for using it I would love to hear them!